My Story

I'm Kori. I've been an Air Force Wife to my Crew Chief husband, James, for nearly 20 years. I've spent my career working in Retail Banking Management and for most of that time I "drank the banking Kool-Aid." James and I traded in our cars for something bigger, better and "more impressive" every 4 years or so. I bought expensive handbags and my closet exploded with new clothes. We took expensive vacations to Disney, and we had a big house in a fancy neighborhood. Luckily we never struggled to pay our payments, but I felt like there was never enough money to make it until next payday. Every time I'd get a raise I'd buy something and "treat myself" because I worked hard and I "deserved it." We were in our mid thirties with about a thousand dollars in our savings account. We were doing better than a lot of people, but it certainly wasn't what I imagined my bank account to look like in my mid thirties. We had A LOT of debt. Three cars, all a few years old with payments that totaled over $800 a month. Credit Card debt- above the average amount for a household, we had about $12,000 spread over several cards.

I couldn't really tell you exactly when my "a-ha moment" happened. I think one day I just didn't understand how we had so little to show for all our hard work. Sure, from the outside it looked great, but in reality, we were just working to "keep up with the Joneses." That's when I decided we weren't going to live like that any more. I got to work immediately reading anything I could get my eyes on about personal finance. Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman, Mr. Money Mustache's Blog- You name it, I read it. I sat down that night with James and we made a budget, we'd tried several times before with no luck, but this time we actually stuck with it.

My friends, family and coworkers all got sick of hearing me talk about it. I made debt payoff charts and got a debt payoff tracker app. This time I was serious. We paid off $48,000 in debt in 10 months. People weren't sick of hearing me talk about it then! They wanted me to help them do it too! So, I started coaching my friends. Since then, I've helped people pay off THOUSANDS in debt, improve their credit scores dramatically and helped them build an emergency fund. I discovered that it is the most rewarding feeling to have a client call me excited that her credit went from 540 to 680 in less than a year.

Suddenly working in Banking just felt wrong. I didn't want to have to sell people products that just dug them a bigger hole. I'm able to give unbiased advice because I'm not selling you anything! I'm here to coach you and hold you accountable. Like a personal trainer, but I work out your money!

I know it's totally overwhelming. I know it seems like you'll never dig yourself out of all that debt, but you can, and you will! I know, because I DID IT, and you CAN too!

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